Saturday, July 2, 2011

- Koi Apna Sa -

- Koi Apna Sa -

Suni suni sadko pe,
Koi toh musafir hota...
Kaali andheri raaton mein,
Koi toh tanhayoon ka saathi hota...

Shaant aur surili raaton mein,
Jagmagate sitaron k jaisa...
Kaale badalon k sang,
Koi toh chand jaisa saathi hota...

Rhim jhim savan mein,
Saat rangon jaise muskurata...
Reait mein paani jaise,
Koi toh aansuon ka saathi hota...

Yeh dil kuch na chahe,
Paharoon jaise akeli raina mein...
Bus chund saanson jaisa apna,
Koi toh saacha saathi hota...


P.S: My first ever hindi poem and the theme is friendship not love!  


  1. theme is frnship, not love- ye pehle bolna tha na!
    nw wil hav to read it again.
    was thinkin it was all romenteekkkk n den dhapp! :o
    i like d lines. damn cute :)

  2. you know while I was reading this, the track playing was:
    Koi hota jisko apna, hum apna keh lete,
    paas nahi to duur hi hota, lekin koi mera apna

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. woww...ncy...e1 in hindi.....u write such awesm poemzz........really...dese thoughtz cm often 2 1z mind....n to put dem in such a beautiful really appreciable.....keep up d good wrk...!!!!

  4. cute lines....lovely feel....really liked it....but this time its ur templt i loved the dont change it plz...:)

  5. We long for a friend who is always with us, who knows us even within any words spoken.

    Sometimes we do feel lonely, and think the friends don't understand us...but may be there is someone, its just that even we haven't realized it yet!

    Nice lines of the longing :)

  6. Well, the sense a longing for someone is apparent in your verses... a hopeful one, I feel...

    har baar na sahi, aklepan ka bhi kabhi kabhi apna hi maja hota hai

  7. bahut badhiya...pratham prayaas hindi mein...yakeen nahi hota....dosti ke maayne yehi hote hain...paristhitiyon ke udaharan aur dost ki zaroorat...bahut behtareen...

  8. @ Sadiya: haha yes the theme is friendship..I mean har cheez ko pyaar k nazareiye se dekhna hamesha sahi nahi rahe toh hoti hi hai :)

    Glad the realization stuck you...and glad you liked the lines !

    @ Simran: Thanks a lot dear, Glad you liked it :)

    @ Anshul: Wow, that was a coincidence really...

    Glad you liked the poem.

    @ Prajakta: Thanks a lot Praju, means a lot..what I feel is what I write on paper..its not always imagination doing the work :)

    Thanks for the visit..

  9. @ Vaisakhi: Glad you liked the poem..and yea yea I know you liked the template :P

    @ Poonam: Yes, at times someone is there and we fail to see them but at times you know when you really need someone they are not there...and at times we get used to being alone and suddenly when someone showers their love and care at times we doubt it..we don't doubt the person but our destiny!

    Glad you liked it:)

    @ manshaa: haan akele pan ka apna hi mazaa hota hai, lekin kabhi kabhi woh saza ban jaata hai :)

    @ The Fallen Poet: Glad to see you back here, how are you doing ??

    haan dosti ke shayad yehi mayne hote hai...aacha laga jaan kar k aapko aacha laga :)

    Take Care.


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