Saturday, January 28, 2012

Woo Hoo... ;)

Woo Hoo… ;)

Alright posting this post seriously means I've lost it and I've gone crazy...I mean its ridiculous the way I am acting but its hardly that I act normal you see...always lost in a world of my own and blah blah...

But today has to be the wackiest days of all...why you may ask or you may might even think what has happened to her all of a sudden or how come she's fooling around and what not will squirm in your mind though I hopefully hope it doesn't...doh! again drifted away in my chatter...

So, where was I ?? o_O Yep got and my enough of all this let me get straight to the point..or things that I've done that I usually don't do...I prefer systematic stuff so lets go in point format :D

1)  This pic was uploaded on the great FB by a friend of mine and my first reaction was......
"zoom zoom....flying in air wroom wroom :D that too on flying brooms ..woo hoo :P

...and here people found that pic mesmerizing..I tell you my humor has gone outta the window today.. :-/


2) The whole nation is lost in kolaveri di after all it's so awesome and fun loving lite song and I too fell in love with it..but then 9xm came with Bheegi Billi version of it goes,

"Why is Bheegi Billi bheegi billi just like this"

and today instead of kolaveri I was humming that..seriously...this is the limit but no today toh I couldn't see the speed breaker only !

3) And last but not the least I changed the template of my blog out of the blue...and coincidentally its blue in Hope you liked it :P 

Well I won't bore you guys more seriously I'm not joking... :D so I come to an end of this weirdo post by me...Hope you at least smiled if, not a laugh I know I suck at humor... :D 



  1. Well.. I am posting here for the first time ain't I?
    This was actually one heck of a post and somehow, I loved it :D
    This is my thought progression sometimes but then again, I NEVER have the courage to post it. Kudos to you.
    Cheers to this Awesome post, It is honest and I appreciate it. :)

  2. We all go through that one, Wohoo moment. It's okay :P


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Arey ekdum masht! Your template is fab and even i love bheegi billi but not the kolavari version :P :P

    I experience this kind of mood when I am at home, and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to my mum :P:P :D

    Enjoy.....lose it all.....Get drunk, lose control! wooooooooo


  4. ha ha this is a cute post. :) And the template is nice.

  5. woooo hooooo back :)

    i jsut had the moment reading this post ..

    thank you


  6. @ Spree: Sometimes what we write is the outcome of entirely something different yet it pleases to the audience...and lights the place :)

    Thanks for the comment..
    Welcome to my blog !
    Hope to see you here often...


  7. @Anshul: Yeap its long as its in control :P


  8. @ Tanvi: hehe...same here !

    Chalo now even you are like this good good :P


  9. @Bikramjit: Awe..that's nice!

    Good to see ya back...


  10. @Suruchi: Nopes this ain't the same are talking to her clone :P



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