Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Passion Colours Everything !

Passion Colours Everything !

Could I gain thy love tonight?
Could I hold you tight?
And never let you outta my sight...
And walk down the aisle in white !

Waking up in the middle of the night,
I fear losing you even in my dreams,
Don't drift apart my love...
Or else I'll be lost in this eventide !

Tears stream down my cheek...
Mumbling inconceivable words...
I cling to you like a child,
Not letting you leave my sight...

You peck my cheeks,
You kiss my lips,
You hold me close,
And soothe my ruffled soul...

You feel my sorrow,
You feel my pain,
Even in your despair,
You cajole me and ease my fear...

Slowly the clock ticks by...
And the solemnity sweeps away,
Life now sounds melodious...
As love and joy gleam in my eyes !


P.S: Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year Guys...Hope you have a fun filled and exciting year ahead...Take Care !


  1. You have a thing for mush, dun you, bud? Alright, so I tell you, this is well written, like I have to say that and I think what it is like to be obsessed like this, ouch. :P So yeah, it's cool. Dun expect me to appreciate the cheese here, but you write amazingly, and that's what brings me here all the time. :)

  2. It's been a while that I've been here, and the new lay out looks naice!

    And about the poem....since I know you for a while now I can say it's like a fantasy beautifully worded

  3. I need not say how beautiful it is...its rhythmical full of romanticism :)

  4. Perhaps, one soothing touch of the lovers hand is enough to assert and reinstate the faith in 'happily ever after'.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Hey,

    a song of mixed emotions of the same feeling...



  6. That was romantic poem Fama...beautifully written :)

  7. @ Kankshita: There are moments I don't feel like replying to the reviews I get as I'm outta words but then I think someone took out time from their hectic schedule and I at least owe them a word or two!

    Yea somehow I have a liking for mush no matter how much I try to elude it.

    Thanks for stopping by =)


  8. @ Manshaa: Good to see you here!

    Glad you liked it...thnx.


  9. @ Poonam: There is one thing I found common in all the comments and that is the word "romantic" I dunno but I would never have categorized it as romantic..this was far more than just romantic for me!

    Thanks for the read, glad you liked it. =)


  10. @ BA: Yes, its just one touch that can heal as well as burn.

    Good to see you back after long!


  11. @ Eon: Yeap it surely is...but maybe there are mixed too!



  12. @ Bikramjit: My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed reading it!



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