Sunday, January 22, 2012

Breathless Breathing....

She walks on a broken path,
With broken hopes and dreams...
Trying to find her way out of the dark.

Gazing at stark bleak night,
With no one by her side...
She sobs letting out the tears buried deep inside...

Immeasurable infinite...
Is the blackness that surrounds,
Struggling to evade it she treads all alone...

Love is the reason they say,
Love is deception they cry...
But its only love that can heal and release !



  1. No matter how dark the journey of love seems to be...only love can heal and release..

    nicely written...Love the last line:)
    take care

  2. beautifully true, only love can heal and release...


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  3. you ended on a perfect note, yes indeed it is love only that can heal and release. nothing more perfect than this, i find love in the things i do.

  4. Yes only love can heal and release! So well said.

  5. thats the truth of life! what hurts is what heals too in the end :)
    nicely penned!


  6. /But its only love that can heal and release/ so true...

    lovely poem :)

  7. She will live on cause of the Love <3

    This one is so hopeful, full of dreams :)

  8. But its only love that can heal and release !
    Liked this line...very true :)
    Good job dear :)


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