Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deep Within

I lay there wide awake..
Bathing in the pearly light of the moon..
Trying hard to bind myself in shackles..
And hold my heart in a cage..
But yet again today looking at the starlit sky..
Tears slowly stream down my face
As my heart whispers your name..


P.S: Blogging after really long time, feels good to write here again!


  1. WElcome back.. I also came back after 15-16 months .. so yeah i know how it feels to be back ..

    that is a lovely poem with a hint of sadness ..


    1. Thank you so much Bikram. I've so much to catch up on so many blogs to read :)

  2. those are just few lines, but have sea of emotions n them, beautifully penned :)


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