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This is my very first story ! I know the plot is very common, yet I tried to portray it in a different light. Hope you like it ! 


                                      "Far off in the woods a shadow creeps,                                   
     The rhythm of heart beats in cacophony,
             Rain drops trail through me,
                 Leaving me alone in melee....."

       It was pouring heavily and the road was deserted….the night was silent and misty and the only sound reverberating was of the rainfall and thunder…She was walking aimlessly down the road and tears glistened on her cherry cheeks, her vision was blurred but she didn’t bother cleansing her spectacles and walked an untrodden road, where she had no one to look forward too…nor her family nor her husband; she let out silent tears as she trailed back in the past into her memories……..
       “It was 19th June, the most precious day of her life; she got married to the love of her life on this very day…she was anxiously waiting for her dear husband to arrive, after all this was going to be a memorable anniversary for them, as she was pregnant and came to know about this joy in the wee hours of morning. It was way past 9 o’clock and worry was etched on her face…Oh! Dear lord hope everything is fine…why hasn’t yasin returned yet? He promised me he would be back by 7 o’clock and it’s almost two hours and no sign of him, muttered falaq as she paced the spacious hall of their apartment. Suddenly, the door bell rang and falaq sprang into action and ran towards the door; only to find a fully drenched yasin standing motionless at the door with a near about two year old baby girl.
          Falaq’s face went pale and she couldn’t fathom what was going on….seconds later, Yasin stepped in and laid the baby on couch and turned to his wife. After what seemed like aeons, the silence broke as Yasin spoke, “I’m sorry shona but I need to confess something to you… (His voice faltered) something which I myself didn’t know about a month back. Yes, this was my important meeting due to which I came home late…” Yasin paused as his gaze shifted to his wife who sat there motionless taking in everything silently he continued further, “three years back when we didn’t know each other, there was a girl named Aliya in my life, we two were the best of friends so much so that our friends teased us as a future couple… (Pause)….It was new year’s eve and as usual I was partying with my friends, don’t know how it happened maybe destiny but I and aliya ended up drunk and in that state we crossed our limits unknowingly. The next day we were unable to face other and had even reduced talking from that day onwards; (Pause) that was the time (One month later) you came in my life like wind and swept me away by your innocence and charm, it was love at first sight as you remember…and we got together, Yasin paused and continued further; it was during this time Aliya discovered she was carrying my child, but really shona I didn’t know about it had I known I would never have carried forward my relationship with you and happily embraced Aliya and my child but then maybe destiny had other plans and Aliya vanished into thin air, without informing anyone only to be resurfaced a month back from today... (Long pause)
        She called me up and to be frank I was delighted to hear from her after three years, l went to meet her that’s when I came to know about sameya; my daughter…I refused to believe but she was telling the truth and when I asked her why after years she wants me to accept our daughter ? she told me she was suffering from blood cancer and that too in the last stage and the only thing she wished was I accept my daughter, she get a family before her mother left for eternity…she didn’t want her daughter to be an orphan like she was. She even confessed she didn’t want to come in between us and hence, went far off but destiny played games and she had to come back. Yasin paused to take breath and continued further…aliya died today in the morning leaving behind a part of her, her bundle of joy in my hands, I could not leave sameya …I’m not hard hearted that I leave my daughter alone in this world when her father is alive and knows about her….the only thing I hope and wish from you falaq is to accept Sameya with your heart, I know it’s difficult but not impossible, sighed yasin.
       Without uttering a single word falaq got up and left the house as she needed some time and space to clear the mess and drain her soul to come to terms with reality. Shona wait….falaq …..where are you going? The voice became muffled as she walked away……..”
          And here she was walking on a lonely road and the words played and replayed in her mind, and she finally pondered, “I should not have walked away liked that, how could I do so? It’s not as if Yasin has cheated me, he himself didn’t know about it…But he could tell me the day he found out…But the point is he came clean today, he confessed he didn’t hide the fact from you…” She fought a battle with her inner self and after what seemed like eternity, retraced her steps towards her home…….
         The sight that greeted her was beautiful an hour back she found it dreadful and now she found it beautiful! Yasin had fallen asleep on the couch and sameya was playing with his tie….Oh! How could I not trust my husband she questioned herself, as she moved towards him and brushed the hair across his forehead; and he suddenly woke up with a jerk…“Shona is that really you?” and she nodded silently. “I’m sorry dear, I didn’t want to spoil this day…I’m so very sorry…” spoke Yasin. “No yasin it’s not you who should ask forgiveness but me, I doubted your love…I’m so sorry…” muttered falaq. And words and untold feelings were expressed through their eyes…and she hugged her husband tightly, when she heard sameya cry….”Oh! My baby, don’t cry mamma’s there with you now, no more tears from now on in my sweet daughters eyes” and tears welled up in yasin’s eyes listening his wife talk to ‘their’ daughter; and he took his wife and daughter in a tight embrace, sending silent thanks to the almighty for making this anniversary memorable in every sense.
         “Love is not always expressed by physical gestures. It can also be expressed silently…love means connecting and bonding emotionally and being there with your loved one through thick and thin, and trust and understanding define love in the unspoken form!”

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