Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bitter Truth

Sometimes you feel your not worth anything and you feel dejected and that is absolutely fine, maybe that's the way it is...

In today's world people give importance to only those people they find interesting and whom they don't they treat them otherwise. That is visible in not only in workplace but in schools too..If you've got to survive in this world you've got to take criticism very well, you can't afford to be sensitive. Simple & sensitive people have no place in this world. Some people think that, some people talk a lot and hence they don't listen as to what the other person is saying as in they are not keen and focused but, it can be wrong too; many don't get this you see.....

People have forgotten that the one who talks can also be shrewd & a good listener well it can be otherwise also, but they only remember the latter one. So they prefer such people over the other but a person being a good friend does not depend on the fact whether a certain person is talkative or quite.. it wholly depends on the person.
 Moreover a person who talks is at peace with himself and his ideas and feels free to convey them to the world, though at times he may say somethings that may hurt someone but this mistake can be committed by anyone of us .... ..Sometimes silence is misinterpreted. 

On a personal level, I don't like people who are silent spectators. There is a difference between a quite individual and a silent one, though the meaning is same it can be perceived differently; a quite person knows when to talk and whom to talk on the contrary a silent person just takes in everything but doesn't give back in return.. Dictators can be put into this category of people.
It is often said, 
" A silent spectator is far more dangerous than the one who declares things openly."
Quite people are different you can say they are reserved and amicable; the only difference between these two individuals are one is reserved and the other is exuberant.

It is not always true that a talkative person has no knowledge,it can be otherwise. But the fact remains people in general acknowledge some while shun others, some also think that such people are dumb and worthless ... I feel they are not maybe b'coz even i'm talkative to an extent ...everyone has a different reason to talk and some are natural, you can't change that. But the society doesn't always accept such people the way they should... some are an exception because of their additional talents some are an headache as people have commented. 
Rest I leave it to the people as to what they believe and  perceive, b'coz the world and the people are how you perceive them; it solely depends on you yourself.

Think about it you say a certain person is talkative, maybe he talks only in front of you and a few more not everyone .. now if you are misinterpreting that poor fellow is not at fault, it's you! And that's the reality ... If, only everyone could understand this the world would have been a different place as to what it is now..  


  1. True..very true...!... HyE! AM TALKATIVE infront of almost everybody!

  2. me to but then some people seem to criticize talkative ppl no.. this is fr them...


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